Artistic approach (continued)

My creative gesture relies a lot on spontaneity. I constantly seek to let go of the mind to reach a state of grace, a meditation conducive to creation. I try to put aside any will, any thought, any reasoning that could interfere with my creative act. 

Close to the surrealist techniques of automatic drawing. I don't think I am completely in abstraction from reality. External elements can provide me with creative support. For example: the rewarding constraint of working with a living model.

I often choose very few colors: black from white and another color. Between black and white, there is already an infinity of gray levels. I make this choice to tend towards more simplicity and to be as little as possible in the seduction, but more in the authenticity. 

If faces, recognizable elements appear in my canvas without my knowledge, I let them come. Painting becomes a sum of acceptance of what is coming, a labyrinth for the gaze of the spectator, who can get lost in it, find its way around. Losing the gaze of the observer to bring him into my universe.


I start at the beginning laying out patches of colour and traces of matter in an instinctive gesture.
then , catching the intensity of the present moment, features appear under my brush, which intertwine as imaginary threads.

I uncover symbols, shapes whose meaning I determine. Windows then open on my inner world. 
Artistic approach (continued)


• Diploma of Fine Arts in Paris
1987 to 1995:
training in Fine Arts in Paris (painting).
- Workshop Piotr Kowalski. Video art, sculpture
- Workshop Boltanski

• 1985 to 1987:
Training in Fine Arts Painting Nîmes
Bioulès Vincent and sculpture ...


To seach, over and over, to wonder and dive into the abyss of our subconcious mind to extract the shapes of what is called Genesis in the Holy Bible, when God created the world out of chaos. This is the crazy path Jean-Luc Faure follows being an artist obsessed with the mystery of creation ever since he graduated from the School of Fine Arts.

Since then he has always remembered the teachings of his master to deliver a work which is tinged with the colours of metaphysics and surrealism inviting the viewer to a deep reflexion over men and the meaning of life.

His canvases are bright with abstract-expressionist colors which reveal his taste and passion for painting. Faure enables himself to be engulfed in the same manner as Joan Miro into the maze of his fantasies to exhale the origin of the appearance of men through paintings reminding us of antenatal life sometimes.
Adrian Darmon ArtCult (traduction Nathalie Tellier).

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